Thursday, December 3, 2020
The airport is getting more than half a dozen flights a day, causing the movement of cargo to go up. The cargo is typically automobile components, perishables, and healthcare products.Exports are at 100 tonnes a month, most of which are perishable goods. However, exports have not seen an increase since the Navarathri and Deepavali festivals. If direct international flight connectivity increases from Coimbatore, exports are expected to pick up again. Many feel flights aren't coming out of Coimbatore due to high rates. Flight movement dropped after the Covid restrictions came into effect."We do not know when connecting flights get cancelled. There is no assurance on flight availability even to domestic destinations from here. And the rates quoted are neither standard nor feasible. Only goods that need to be lifted immediately go by air," said Steamer Agents Association president P Subramania.
CargoWise will enable cargo-partner's logistics providers to carry out transactions for freight forwarding, customs clearance, warehousing, shipping, tracking, land transport, e-commerce and cross-border compliance, using a single platform.The software is being introduced in stages across Asia, Oceania, Europe and the US and is expected to be completed by March 2023."CargoWise will be revolutionary," said cargo-partner CEO Stefan Krauter. "The ability to manage our global freight forwarding operations from a single platform that provides real-time visibility across our supply chain will enable cargo-partner to increase operational efficiency."We see our future role in the digitalisation of the global supply chain not in developing own standard software, but in developing individual client solutions, deep integration and ultimately in building clusters of artificial intelligence together with our customers. Of course many of these clusters will be connected and communicating with each other."Said WiseTech Global CEO Richard White: "The deep functionality available within CargoWise will ensure cargo-partner has a strong foundation for future business growth."Last month cargo-partner made the decision to extend its air cargo charter programme because ongoing capacity concerns.
SkyCell said its solutions are able to secure products within a temperature range of 2-8~C and 15 - 25~C and now -70~C, which meets the requirements of Covid-19 vaccines being prepared for launch."Together, we are ready to play a key role in the distribution of Covid-19 vaccines," said Enrica Calonghi, global head pharmaceutical logistics Air France KLM Martinair Cargo.SkyCell's containers provide protection for about 202 hours (8.4 days) on average, which is extended by trucking or storage under refrigerated conditions. They can be tracked with Internet of Things sensors and offer temperature monitoring.
"While there are indications that the economy is losing momentum, I believe October's tonnage softness was more of a seasonal issue during a pandemic than anything else," said ATA chief economist Bob Costello."Typical seasonality is off this year, and it was a reason why October was down so much. Not seasonally adjusted tonnage was down a fraction as much as normal over the last five years during September, leading to a big seasonally adjusted gain," he said. "However, that means October's not seasonally adjusted tonnage grew less than half as much as it typically does, leading to a big drop in the seasonally adjusted figure. There are plenty of carriers still saying that tonnage, retail tonnage in particular, is good," said Mr Costello.Compared to October 2019, the seasonally adjusted (SA) index decreased 8.7 per cent, a decline for the seventh straight year. Tonnage was down 3.9 per cent.Trucks hauled 11.84 billion tons of freight in 2019, and Motor carriers collected US$791.7 billion. Trucking makeups 72.5 per cent of tonnage carried by all modes of domestic freight transportation, including manufactured and retail goods in the US.
The app has been downloaded 130,000 times and used over three million times. A partnership between Motorway Buddy, freight industry insurer Through Transport (TT) Club and National Vehicle Crime Intelligence Service (NaVCIS).Data is gathered by NaVCIS Freight to show a map of vulnerable parking locations to Motorway Buddy's search engine for overnight parking. The app will also allow truckers to report suspicious incidents."I am pleased that with the support of TT Club and the cooperation of NaVCIS the app can become even more valuable in helping not just drivers but also the haulage companies identify safer overnight stops and pay charges online. The heat map is dynamic and updated on a regular basis. The locator tool and zoom-in facility are easily used and provide flexibility in the case of traffic congestion and other delays," said ex-trucker Chris Holloway.
The resolution, entitled "International cooperation to address challenges faced by seafarers as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic to support global supply chains", was presented at the 75th Session of the UN's General Assembly and adopted on December 1.The resolution, put forward by Ambassador Dian Triansyah Djani of Indonesia, encourages governments to immediately implement measures to allow crew change, and to ensure access to medical care for all maritime personnel.Indonesia is leading a coalition of 71 countries demanding global government action, and pressure is set to grow on countries that do not recognise maritime personnel as key workers.The resolution also means the UN now recognises the need for an urgent and concrete response from all stakeholders, including the private sector, to resolve the situation of seafarers stranded at sea and unable to join ships because of national travel restrictions due to Covid-19."Sadly, hundreds of thousands of seafarers, who are vital to maintaining supply chains, remain stranded at sea for months beyond their contracted time. This is causing immense strain, fatigue and exhaustion and is unsustainable. I hope that this call to action will result in positive momentum to resolve the crew change crisis," said IMO secretary-general Lim Ki-tack.
Owners, Hong Kong's Hutchison Ports has faced criticism over congestion and delays recently, with the British International Freight Association (BIFA) calling for government intervention.The port said it is fully operational but has "had a high number of slow moving containers of PPE [Covid gear] occupying storage space. The current high volumes will last at least into December and possibly through into the New Year, but we are working hard to minimise the impact on daily operations and to maintain vital supply chains".In the week to 29.11.2020, the port said it handled 81,104 TEU across the quay, 19,996 TEU to/from rail, and 32,313 containers to/from road vehicles. 95m per cent of import containers are available for collection within 10 minutes of discharge from the vessel."We have been working with the government's principle forwarder to remove containers with Covid gear as quickly as possible. Volumes have reduced significantly since the peak and should all be cleared within three weeks," said the port.Last month, Hutchison said truckers had been overbooking slots on its Vehicle Booking System. The port said in the week to 29.11.2020, there were 4,563 slots available every weekday, and in the week to 29.11.2020 a total of 28,356 bookings were available of which 9,042 went unused.
The containers were lost east of Azores, early in the morning November and was said to be diverted to Freeport.Interestingly, on November 15. 2014 the Seroja Lima also lost 27 containers off the Port of Ngqura (Coega), South Africa, the Maritime Bulletin noted.
"The women's network is also intended to improve the reputation of the logistics and transport industry, a field traditionally dominated by men, to one with an image of greater equality and attractive to women," said a company stateement."Our goal is to increase the number of women in managerial positions." said Geodis vice president Mario Ceccon. "At 13 per cent in 2017, women now hold 18 per cent of leadership positions. We are aiming for 25 per cent by 2023."The Geodis Women's Network acts to promote inclusion, reduce professional disparities between men and women, improve the balance between work and private life and provide equal career prospects. "With a woman as CEO, Geodis is already signalling loud and clear that women have access to leadership positions" said Mr Ceccon.
The CI5 maiden voyage will commence from Qingdao on a 42-day fixed round trip schedule. rotating through Qingdao, Busan, Shanghai, Shekou, Singapore, Port Klang (Westport), Port Klang (North Port), Chennai -Kattupalli- Port Klang (North Port), Singapore, Pasir Gudang, Shekou, Kaohsiung and back to Qingdao.
The Basra Gateway recorded a total of 1,768 moves on the YM Mutuality in 17.5 hours, achieving a record berth productivity of 101 moves per hour, a first for BGT as it continues to ramp up its service capability."Breaking the 100 moves per hour barrier is a proud moment for all of us at BGT," said BGT chief executive Phillip Marsham. "It is a testament to our commitment to deliver new service benefits to all our customers and to play a leading role in developing the overall service capability of the port of Um Qasr," he said.BGT's expanding service delivery in all sectors of its operations - container, multi-purpose, ro-ro and heavy lift - flows out of its recently completed US$250 million investment programme, implemented by parent company, Manila's International Container Terminal Services Inc (ICTSI).This has seen multiple new berth development at BGT East, offering a design depth of 14 metres alongside, served by five modern ship to shore cranes, enabling the handling of vessels of up to 14,000 TEU capacity.The 600-metre berth at BGT East is supported on the landside by a fleet of 10 six high stacking rubber-tyre gantries.Notable investment outside the container sector has seen the comprehensive upgrade of the terminal's ro-ro facilities including dedicated warehousing and secure areas as well as in specialised facilities to service the handling of project cargo for the oil and gas sector.
"The time has come to resolve the most serious impediments to port performance. I have all enforcement options at my disposal to address the crisis that exists in our major port gateways," said Commissioner Rebecca Dye."Removing the obstacles to port performance allows ocean carriers, ports and marine terminals, drayage truckers, American importers and exporters, and every other business engaged in freight delivery to grow and prosper," she said.The FMC has already commenced probes into alliance practices in Long Beach, Los Angeles, New York and New Jersey after shippers complained of the lack container availability, soaring transpacific rates and plunging service quality.Said FMC chairman Michael Khouri: "If necessary, the FMC will go to federal court to seek an injunction to enjoin further operation of the alliance agreement. "If we detect any indication of carrier behaviour that may violate the Shipping Act's section 6(g) competition standard, we will immediately seek to address these concerns with direct carrier discussions," he said.The Commission's Bureau of Trade Analysis (BTA) has determined that given recent fluctuations in the markets, it needs to receive key trade data directly from alliance carriers on a more frequent basis.This will help it to better position staff economists to timely evaluate changes in the transpacific and transatlantic trades and report findings to the commission.The BTA has traditionally relied on a combination of individual vessel operator confidentiallyprovided data and information from commercially available industry data to monitor and analysecontainer carrier freight rates and service market trends.The commission noted that the three major carrier alliances - 2M, the Ocean Alliance and THEAlliance - are the top priority and receive highest scrutiny.These three agreements have the greatest potential to cause or facilitate adverse market effects based on the agreement's authority and geographic scope in combination with underlying market conditions, it pointed out.The FMC monitors key economic indicators and changes to underlying market conditions for all global alliance agreements to detect any joint activity by agreement members that might raise and maintain freight rates above competitive levels, or unreasonably decrease services.Last week, the FMC approved a supplemental order to investigate ocean carriers operating in alliances and calling the Port of Long Beach, the Port of Los Angeles, or the Port of New York and New Jersey.The expanded commission investigation will seek to determine if the policies and practices of those shipping companies related to detention and demurrage, container return, and container availabilityfor US export cargoes violate 46 USC 41102(c).