Friday, July 30, 2021
PML created the position following the UK company's significant growth and in light of the business' expansion to offer its services out of Spalding and - the most recent acquisition - Lympne, Kent, alongside the existing head office at Heathrow.Mr Hanley, who joined PML five years ago, has been promoted from his previous role as Business Development Manager. During his tenure with the business, he has acquired experience working across all aspects of the company's air, sea, road, import and export operations.Prior to his initial appointment at PML, Mr Hanley was working in the ambient freight forwarding sector.The sales manager position will see Mr Hanley managing a team of four and reporting directly to Sales Director Nick Finbow.He is charged with a remit of growing the Spalding and Kent facilities and further developing PML's airfreight exports, with a specific focus on companies looking to export their perishable goods to the Middle and Far East, reports London's Air Cargo News.
The Lisbon-headquartered airline will roll out its capacity on CargoAi firstly in France followed by the US. Its capacity will be available worldwide by the end of August.CargoAi said that Tap's forwarder customers will be able to request e-quotes and making e-bookings to 90 destinations offered by the airline.Tap Air Cargo director cargo business development and transformation Bernardo Nunes said: "Tap Air Cargo has implemented modern digital solutions to allow its clients to manage the process of transporting their freight in an independent manner."CargoAi quintessentially represents this model, with a highly intuitive and simple use of e-quote and e-booking functionalities. A genuine self-service platform for stakeholders in the field of aerial freight."CargoAi chief executive Matthieu Petot added: "From its Hub in Lisbon, Tap Air Cargo covers all continents with an average of 2,500 flights per week, thanks to a modern fleet of 80 aircraft. It is exactly this type of transport solution that is sought by freight forwarders and we are very proud to be able to offer it to them via the CargoAi platform."In July last year, the carrier implemented Champ's application programming interface (API) with its computer system, enabling it to "improve its internal business processes, tracking, and synchronisation of its supply chain".
The aircraft is owned by Aviation Holdings III Investments and is being placed with South Korea-based Air Incheon.Haeco Xiamen officially become an authorised AEI Conversion Centre in August 2020, London's Air Cargo News.AEI currently has five active authorised AEI Conversion Centres, including Commercial Jet Inc, in Miami, Florida; Commercial Jet Services in Dothan, Alabama; KF Aerospace in Kelowna, BC, Canada; and Staeco in Shandong province, China.
The amended resolution states that "the acquisition or disposal of right-of-use assets of vessel which is subject to the prior consent of the governing authority and the transaction amounts is within TWD30 billion (US$1.1 billion) is only for the vessel lease transaction conducted between the company and its subsidiaries, or between its subsidiaries in which it directly or indirectly holds 100 per cent of the issued shares or authorised capital".The change appears to have been made in preparation for fleet adjustments at a time when the industry is faced with frequent changes in service routes.The budget authorisation was announced at a shareholders' meeting last week chaired by Wan Hai's President Tommy Hsieh and independent director Lai Rung-nian.The two executives explained that due to current state of the industry it was necessary to seek the shareholders' authorisation to set aside a substantial sum to take advantage of business opportunities.The company is primarily an intra-Asia carrier but with the recent spike in freight rates, has launched solo Transpacific and Asia-South America services.In 2020, Transpacific and Asia-South America volumes accounted for just under 22 per cent of Wan Hai's revenue, but this has nearly doubled to 40 per cent in 2021 to date. Initially, Wan Hai offered Transpacific services by purchasing slots from other carriers, but illustrating how quickly markets can change.Last year, Wan Hai earmarked $360 million to acquire second-hand ships and bought 11 vessels from the resale market; these vessels were mainly deployed to Transpacific services.
The company declared they will share its smart ship system, SVESSEL, with Dae Sun Shipbuilding and Engineering Co to have a competitive edge in the midsized ship marketThe technology is considered a new cooperative model between large shipbuilders and midsized shipbuilders.
The voluntary incentive programme, called "Protecting Blue Whales and Blue Skies," ran May 15, 2020 through November 15, 2020."The public perception that all large whales are endangered is wrong. The truth is that most large whales are no longer commercially hunted and many are recovering from past exploitation," said the 18th and 19th century whale oil from blubber was universally used in candles, oil lamps and lubricants for machinery until it was gradually replaced by oil found in the ground.The ships that slow down to save the whales simultaneously kill invasive species in their ballast water via filtration, cyclonic separation, ozone, ultraviolet irradiation, in-transit heat, ultrasound, chlorine dioxide, or a combination of these technologies.Shipping companies receive recognition and financial awards based on the per cent of distance travelled by their vessels through the vessel speed reduction zones at 10 knots or less and with an average speed of 12 knots or less. The 10-knot target complements the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration's (NOAA) requests for all vessels (300 gross tonnes or larger) to slow down during the months of peak endangered blue, humpback, and fin whale abundance to protect these whales from ship strikes.Ship strikes are a major threat to whales globally and to the recovery of endangered blue, fin, and humpback whales in California waters. Reducing the risk of ship strikes is a major priority of NOAA's, including NOAA's west coast national marine sanctuaries. Among the awarded companies were MSC, Hapag-Lloyd, Yang Ming, MOL and Swire Shipping.Of the nearly 300,000 nautical miles of ocean transited by all the ships in the programme, more than 181,000 were at 10 knots or less.
The American Association of Port Authorities (AAPA) declared that the chief executives of the Northwest Seaport Alliance (NWSA) and the Port of Hueneme north of Los Angeles met with the Republican members of the congressional committee in charge of homeland security to address shortfalls in carrying out its inspection mission.According to the AAPA, the CBP is short 1,400 customs officers, resulting in delays for inspecting cargo and adding to congestion issues. The AAPA declared that Congress should block requests for new CBP facilities at ports until a report on the needs of customs officers is submitted.The CBP had 25,756 officers in fiscal 2020, up from 24,511 the prior year. Officers inspected 77,895 truck, rail, and ocean containers per day in 2020, down from 78,703 per day in fiscal 2019.
The launch follows the Canadian Government's block on the Laurentia Project at the Port of Quebec on environmental grounds, reports UK's Port Strategy."Given our schedule, we are continuing to develop and build the Contrecoeur container terminal through this national and international procurement process which will allow us to identify the consortium offering the best conditions, particularly for the operation of our important project," said Martin Imbleau, president and CEO of the MPA.The terminal, which is anticipated to handle 1.15 million TEU annually, received a favourable report from the Impact Assessment Agency of Canada and ministerial approval. It is also the recipient of financial support from both levels of government.The call for qualification aims to qualify a number of national or international consortia that will be called upon in the coming months to submit a proposal with the aim of concluding a long-term agreement for the design-build-finance-operate and maintenance of the future terminal. Operators who participated in the exclusive preliminary discussions are invited to the next steps in the process.Interested companies and consortia will have to demonstrate their technical expertise, their financial soundness as well as their knowledge in the development of the container market. The conditions indicated in the decision statement of the Minister of the Environment and Climate Change of Canada must also be respected.Mr Imbleau added: "The Contrecoeur container terminal will be a world-class infrastructure capable of efficiently serving Quebec, Ontario, and the American Midwest. Taking advantage of industrial zoning and an exceptional location close to rail and motorway access, the future terminal offers the opportunity to carry out an exemplary project from an environmental point of view for a private partner wishing to participate in the development of the commercial corridor that 'is the Saint-Laurent - Grands Lacs."
The China-California Express (CCX), designed to help US importers move stranded shipments from China, will have a 12-day transit time from Shanghai direct to the Port of Oakland, with a Ningbo departure taking 14 days.The express service will also supplement existing capacity Matson provides in Long Beach. The scheduled rotation is Ningbo-Shanghai-Oakland-Long Beach-Honolulu-Ningbo, the carrier said in a marketing sheet sent to customers. Long Beach transit time is scheduled for 15 days from Shanghai. Slots on the vessels, which went on sale July 16, are very limited and are expected to command extremely high rates, reports New York FreightWaves.Matson is redeploying three small vessels, two with capacity for 2,750 TEU as well as the 2,800-TEU Mahimahi, according to information provided by the company. Matson was able to free up capacity by pulling from reserve vessels and adjusting its schedule.The CCX will depart three out of every five weeks from China until the Lunar New Year next February. It's Matson's third expedited trans-Pacific service.
The company said it handled 19.7 million TEU across its portfolio of container terminals across the world in the quarter, reported Dubai's Khaleej Times, "Growth in Q2 2021 accelerated with all regions delivering a strong performance, especially our terminals in India, Europe, Australia and Americas. Jebel Ali handled 3.4 million TEU in Q2 2021, up 4.2 per cent year on year. On a H1 2021 gross basis, DP World handled 38.6 million TEU, with gross container volumes increasing by 13.9 per cent year on year on a reported basis and 13.3 per cent on a like-for-like basis," DP World said in a statement. At a consolidated level, DP World's terminals handled 11.4 million TEU in Q2 2021, increasing 18.2 per cent on a reported basis and up 17.3 per cent on a like for like basis.Group chairman and chief executive officer of DP World, Sultan Ahmed bin Sulayem, said growth continued to be broad based with all regions delivering a robust performance, with India being exceptionally strong."Encouragingly, the recent volume improvement at our flagship port of Jebel Ali (UAE) continued into Q2 2021 with throughput growth accelerating to 4.2 per cent year on year."He said the near-term outlook remains positive, but expects growth rates to moderate in the second half of 2021."We remain mindful that the Covid-19 pandemic and geopolitical uncertainty could once-again disrupt the global economic recovery. Overall, we continue to make good progress on our strategy to deliver supply chain solutions to beneficial cargo owners and are focused on growing profitability while managing growth capex. The strong start to 2021 leaves us well placed to deliver an improved full year performance and we remain focused on delivering our 2022 targets," he said.